Summer-PreschoolersIt’s the lazy days of summer, but there’s nothing lazy about summer when you have a preschooler!

Need some ideas to change up the routine? Here are 10 frugal, fun summer activities to do with your preschooler:

1) Egg Hunt. Still have those plastic Easter eggs hanging around the house?  Gather them up and hide them either inside or outside. Give your preschooler a basket and let them search!

2) Hideout. Make a tent or a hideout with a blanket and some chairs. Let them have their lunch and their dinner in their hideout.

3) Bubbles. Carry bubbles everywhere you go. They are the great distraction. If you’re taking a road trip, they are also your secret weapon. Turn the air conditioner on high, hold the bubble wand up to the vent, and the car fills with bubbles!

4) Walk. Preschoolers are so inquisitive. Take a walk to discover colors, sounds, textures, and insects.  Anytime you can get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors, it bombards their senses.

5) Puppets. Make paper bag puppets for their favorite book. Small lunchbag paper bags make great puppets. Help them make the puppets. You can go simple with just crayons or more elaborate with yarn for hair and googly eyes.  Then read their book using the puppets to act it out.

6) Water. Preschoolers don’t need a pool. Just give them a bucket of water and a couple of plastic measuring cups. Don the swimsuit and the sunscreen and you’re set up for fun! (Remember, never leave a preschooler near water unattended!)

7) Shapes. Go on a shape hunt around the neighborhood.  Take a walk and look for shapes that your preschooler knows or is learning about.

8) Shaving Cream. Preschoolers love to create. If they are in a high chair, take the high chair outside, spray shaving cream on the tray and let them have at it!  You can also use a card table, plastic picnic table, or kitchen tray and do the same thing.  This is a great way to work with older preschoolers on identifying and tracing letters.

9) Tea Party. Kids love special things that you don’t get to do everyday. Pulling out special cups, plates, and a tea pot.

10) Make cut out cookies. We tend to think of this activity primarily around the holidays. Doing it in the summer changes things up. Need some strategies for doing this without too much stress? You’ll find practical ideas here.

What about you? What activities would you add for summer fun with toddlers? 

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