Today I want to introduce you to Shelly. Shelly is a dedicated wife and mother of five blessings from around the globe.  She is known for being an encourager, prayer warrior and advocate for the Fatherless. While serving with the ABBA Fund, Shelly strives not only to see children be placed in families, but for those families to thrive.  She blogs at and is also a women’s speaker and enjoys traveling all over the US, bringing inspiring insight to impact and encourage all who hear.

Shelly’s new book, 31 Nuggets of Hope, is now available at Today we’re giving away one of her books!  If you’re an adoptive mom, leave a comment about one of the toughest challenges you’ve faced in your adoption journey.  If you’re not an adoptive mom but would like to win the book for a friend, leave a comment about how you’ve been impacted by watching her adoption journey, or how adoption has touched your life in some way.  (If you’re reading this in your email, you can leave a comment here.)

Now let’s hear a bit from Shelly’s heart:

You obviously have a heart for adoption. Why is that?
During our years as church planting missionaries, God taught us about His heart for the Fatherless.  We already had three young sons with a very meager income.  I loved being a mom and to know there were millions of children both in the US and around the world that didn’t have a momma anymore who could comfort and shepherd them – well, I couldn’t keep from stepping forward.  Adoption for our family was extremely impractical, yet with our eyes fixed on eternal values, we knew there was no obstacle too big to keep us from the children God had for us to care for.  I am radically blessed to be called Momma by all five of our kiddos.

What prompted you to write the book?
Over the years as I have helped encourage and equip adoptive families, I sought out resources to point them to.  I was seeing families struggle, marriages being strained and adoptive mommas hurting with nowhere to turn.  These moms needed HOPE.  They needed to know they are not alone.  My search for resources with these precious moms in mind came up empty.  A few years later, 31 Nuggets of Hope was birthed.  There is SO much HOPE awaiting these moms!

If you could tell adoptive moms one thing, what would it be?
No matter how bleak your current circumstances are, there is HOPE!  You never have to walk this journey alone.

If you could tell moms who haven’t adopted one thing that would help them know how to encourage a friend who is or has adopted, what would it be?
Adoption isn’t a fairy-tale.  There are real people with deep needs involved.  The amazing part though is that the One who created each of us knows every need, every loss, every hurt.  If you see your adoptive mom friend struggling – remind her there is HOPE, take her some chocolate and let her know you care.  Celebrate the milestones with her!

What about you?  We’d love to hear how adoption has touched your life in some way!

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