Friday is quickly approaching. There’s a presidential debate you want to see. And then Saturday, all kinds of yard work needs to get done. And Sunday after church, a nice relaxing afternoon at home sure sounds nice.But why make this a typical weekend? For the first time in two years, a truly must-see movie is opening … and it needs your support.

Opening weekend for FIREPROOF is the time for you to see this film

  • Don’t wait for the second weekend … it might not have a second weekend.
  • Don’t complain about the 7 p.m. showing being filled … celebrate the lives being changed then and go to a show time that’s a little less convenient.
  • Don’t go alone … there are couples in your world that need to see this film.
  • Don’t wait to get tickets … go online or go to your local theater and get your tickets today
  • Don’t wait for it to come to DVD … if you want movies like this to be made, you need to support them first in theaters. Get Tickets Now

Why Opening Weekend? FIREPROOF opens this Friday. Kris Fuhr, the Vice President of Provident Films, explains why it’s so important for people to see this movie on Opening Weekend, September 26-28:

“There are all kinds of ways to measure a movie’s success. With a movie made by a church, the first place to start is with the ministry impact.” Kris says. “We are trusting that God will use FIREPROOF to impact countless marriages on Opening Weekend … and for years to come.

“From a business perspective, the most obvious starting point for determining a film’s success is the Opening Weekend box office. If you look at USA Today or your local paper on Mondays, they list the top 10 movies from the previous weekend based on box office revenue. I heard one well-known Hollywood producer say that within 24 hours, he knew if the previous two years worth of work had been worthwhile.”

“Combining the business and the ministry aspects, you realize that every person that sees the movie on Opening Weekend is someone whose relationships may be impacted by the story. And that’s exciting!”A strong first weekend ensures a long-playing movie, which helps in other ways as well.”

“With seven movies opening in wide release the week after we open, there is even more riding on our Opening Weekend,” Kris says. “Hollywood looks at the success of Facing the Giants as an anomaly. FIREPROOF is flying under the Hollywood radar screen. This is a wonderful opportunity to show that there is an audience for authentic, inspiring, and entertaining stories that are created by people of faith.”

“So, DVR the debate … and the weekend football games while you’re at it. Let the grass grow a little longer. Relax at the movie theater instead of at home. And thanks for making a difference by seeing FIREPROOF this weekend!”

Check out a couple of the more-recent FIREPROOF endorsement quotes:

“FIREPROOF went beyond my expectations! It captures the real-life issues of marriage in a moving, emotional, and riveting way. It inspires you to put your faith in action and fight for your marriage. I encourage anyone who is married or even thinking about getting married to see this movie.” Dr. Tony Evans

“FIREPROOF is a gripping and powerful story. Its surprising twists and turns make for a great plot with a simple, but powerful message. I loved it and you will too!”

Mike Huckabee

“I’ve spent my entire life trying to win in two different pro sports. What I appreciate about FIREPROOF is that it’s an entertaining and challenging reminder of what it takes to win in marriage! FIREPROOF is a great illustration that apart from Christ, relationships are doomed to fail. I’m so appreciative that the folks at Provident Films have stepped out and made a movie that will inspire husbands and wives to submit their marriages to the Lord and to stand up and fight for a battle worth winning.”

Joe Gibbs – Owner, Joe Gibbs Racing, NFL Hall of Fame Coach

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