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In my #livingwithless life I love a good deal and today Amazon has one! Tuesday, July 11, is Amazon Prime Day and it’s kind of like Black Friday in July!  I hate when I miss out on hearing about a good deal so I wanted to make sure and share it with you, too, so you don’t miss out if there’s something you’ve had your eye on!

Not a member of Amazon Prime?  You can actually join for free for 30 days and take advantage of these opportunities!  Here’s a link that will get you connected to today’s deals: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Once you’re in, here are some great deals available today:

Instant Pot–I bought my Instant Pot on Black Friday last November and I USE IT ALL THE TIME!  It has transformed my cooking! This one is $79 today which is a great price!

Kindle Unlimited: Kindle – Up to 40% Off Kindle Unlimited–While I’m not a big e-reader, Mark LOVES his Kindle! If you love e-books this deal’s perfect for you!

All of the No More Perfect Books are in the $9 or $10 price range with free shipping for Prime members! No More Perfect Marriages, No More Perfect Kids, and No More Perfect Moms!  Some of my other books have great deals too like My Hearts at Home ($8.66) and Real Moms…Real Jesus ($8.87) And if you use the promo code PRIMEBOOKS17 you can save $5 off your book purchases of $15 or more!

Here are a few more offerings today:


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