My 50th Birthday WishWhen we were in Africa, our Compassion child, Theresia, shared more of her story with us. Because Theresia’s mother was a teenager herself, Theresia’s grandmother served as her primary caregiver during her early years.

The more she talked about her grandmother, the more I came to understand just how much she meant to her.
Sadly, Theresia’s grandmother died when Theresia was entering her teen years.  Theresia shed tears talking about her grandmother and her death caused by ovarian cancer.  She knows that poverty robbed her grandmother of the possibility of treatment and healing. “It was an unnecessary death,” Theresia shared.

1098437_414537262000497_381558050_nI’ve pondered the reality of that as I have walked through my own cancer journey. Chemotherapy is a terrible thing to experience, but it is saving my life, and giving me more years with my family.  Theresia’s grandmother did not even have the opportunity for chemotherapy.  Poverty robbed her of that.

I’m grateful I live in a place where I can receive the healthcare I need.  I’m also grateful that God has given us the opportunity to share some of what we have.

That’s why Mark and I sponsor a child. That’s why my married kids have their own child they sponsor. That’s why our Hearts at Home leadership team sponsored Theresia together and now support a Child Survival Program in South America. That’s why 6 families have said yes to sponsorship in the past 6 days!  

How about you?  Will you help make my 50th birthday wish come true?  6 down, 44 to go! 

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