We all do it.

We compare our insides to other people’s outsides.

We size ourselves up to other people and we either come out looking better than they do or we come out looking worse than they do.

Our insecurities drive this unfair kind of comparison and the whole skewed process doesn’t serve us well at all.


162361841Because when we compare, we kill contentment in our lives. Hearts at Home author and speaker, Karen Ehman, defines contentment as “not having everything you want, but rather wanting nothing more than what you already have.”

It’s time for us to stop comparing. Stop feeling better than or less than other people. It’s time to stop thinking that the grass on the other side of the fence is greener, because honestly there are just as many weeds over there….you just can’t see them from your vantage point right now.

Where are you struggling with contentment?  Your marriage? Your house? Your in-laws? Your finances? Your car? Your job?

Is it because you’re comparing in any way?

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