Join Us Live in Dayton, Tennessee, March 22-23, 2024
The Family Church ~ 3314 Rhea County Hwy

Friday 6:30-9pm
Saturday 9am-4pm

Over 90% of Attendees Call it a “Game-Changer” for Rekindling their Marriage

In marriage, you need to:

Stay Curious

Couples that keep the spark going keep the curiosity alive. And not by hiding things but by intentionally having fun together and learning together!

Learn Each Other

Couples that relive their wedding day joy over and over again learn to value, accept, and even love each other’s differences. They move from frustration to fascination!

Grow Together

Couples that grow together, stay together. But, this isn’t by chance. Being intentional about growing together is the key to keeping happy.

How Do We Know?

Because that’s how we created our “Marriage 2.0” after 10 years of ho-hum, and even broken trust.

Hi, we’re Mark & Jill Savage, authors of No More Perfect Marriages and the hosts of the No More Perfect Marriages Seminar.

We’ve been married 40 years, 30 of them happily.

During the 10 years of struggles, we had become more like business partners and even roommates.

We did all the “things” you’re supposed to do…
   ✔ date nights
   ✔ love languages
   ✔ spending time alone

But behind our “perfect” marriage, our hearts were miles apart.

This eventually led to a creeping separateness in our relationship, infidelity on Mark’s part, one very dark year, and a four-month separation.

As we began to put the broken pieces of our relationship back together, we began to have different kinds of conversations.

We dug deeper, listened better, and learned more about fine-tuning the inside rather than symptom-treating the outside of our relationship. 

We also became life-long learners, committed to pursuing continuing education for our marriage.

We became Mark & Jill version 2.0 and committed ourselves to helping other couples “upgrade” their marriages too! 

We Invite You to Join Us for a weekend getaway to create a Stronger, More Connected Marriage

LIVE in Beautiful Dayton, TN | March 22-23, 2024

Friday 6:30-9pm
Saturday 9am-4pm

session 1

From Frustrated to Fascinated

In Session 1, you’ll discover how to bring back curiosity to your marriage.

You will learn how to move from being frustrated to being fascinated with your differences (even if that sounds impossible right now!).

Moving past these frustrations will help you stay curious about your spouse and bring joy and understanding into your home.

session 2

Your Blueprint & Love Styles

In Session 2, you’ll understand you and your spouse’s past, as well as WHY you do some of the things you do and WHY they do some of the things they do. 

You’ll also learn how your unknown relating patterns just might be keeping you stepping on each other’s toes all too often and what to do about it! 

Understanding these two things leads you to a deeper, more loving connection.

session 3

12 Slow Fades 

In Session 3, you’ll discover the “slow fades” of marriage. (Yep that’s 5 more than we included in our No More Perfect Marriages book!)

These are things that unknowingly put distance between you little by little, eroding your connection without you even realizing it.

Understanding these slow fades, and how to combat them, will strengthen your bond and bring you closer together.

session 4

8 God Tools

In Session 4, you’ll learn about the 8 “God Tools” you need in your marriage toolbox.

God wants your marriage to be a joyful experience! That’s why He has given you these “tools” to use to create happiness in your relationship.

Using these tools daily in your marriage will stop the fades, deepen intimacy, and increase connection.

We Hope You’ll Join Us in Dayton, TN!

“The seminar is time well spent.”

The No More Perfect Marriages Seminar is designed for couples of all ages and stages of life to take a look at their marriage in a safe, non-threatening, judgement-free atmosphere.

You will learn communication strategies, conflict resolution skills, as well as tools to grow and enhance your marriage!

From a Christian perspective and through their own transparency, the hosts, Mark and Jill Savage provide encouraging lessons and powerful resources that are both healing and affirming!

Not only that, the Savage’s believe we need to laugh while we learn so there’s plenty of humor, too!

“This seminar is time well spent.”

Alan & Carol

Married 40 Years

“Helped us immensely.”

Although we have been only married a short time, we had worked ourselves into a serious rut.

Through the No More Perfect Marriages Seminar Mark & Jill helped us immensely in identifying our destructive patterns and showing us how to utilize “safe conversations” to completely open up productive conversation in our marriage.

We are certain it helped to turnaround our marriage and save us from an inevitable decline.

Ryan & Shefali

Married 1.5 Years

“Saved our marriage.”

This seminar doesn’t feel like a lecture, but more like a friendship.

Mark and Jill are fantastic teachers and the skills they teach have saved our marriage.

The best part is that they do it in a fun and entertaining way.

Josh & Kerry

Married 20 Years

Stay an extra night and explore!
(Chattanooga is nearby!)


Need a hotel? We’ve got you covered!

Holiday Inn Express 
● Hot Breakfast
● Fresh Coffee 24/7
● In room Coffee
● Gym 24/7
● Pool 8am to 10pm

Sleep Inn and Suites
● Hot Breakfast
● Fresh Coffee 24/7
● In room Coffee
● Gym 24/7
● Pool 8am to 10pm

Econo Lodge Inn and Suite
● Pastry, Fruit, and Juice
● Fresh Coffee 24/7
● In Room Coffee
● Gym 24/7


If you’re traveling in from out of town, these hotels are all safe, clean, and will provide a quality overnight experience. You can book them yourself through the hotel directly or any hotel booking site you might use.


“We have the tools.”

“We are just past the honeymoon phase of marriage and have hit the season of struggling with prioritizing our marriage over our very dependent toddlers.

We now have the tools to help us love as an action now that the “feeling” has somewhat faded.”

Laura & Chad

Married 6 Years

Let Us Answer Some Questions You May Have

Can I do this without my spouse?

You can certainly learn a lot even attending on your own. When we take “talk breaks” for the couples in attendance to do a conversation, you can use it as a time of reflection. 

Is this the same stuff that's in your books?

Some of the content will be from our No More Perfect Marriages book and some will be new information. Even if you’ve read our book, the seminar will be a refreshing reminder of what’s important in marriage!

Our marriage is fine, do we need this?

YES! In marriage if you’re not rowing, you’re drifting. Healthy marriages need to be invested in to stay healthy. If you’re in a good place, let us help you move from good to great!

I'm feeling hopeless in my marriage, will this help?

YES! You will learn so much about yourself and your spouse. You’ll also learn how to talk at a deeper level. This seminar will serve as jumper cables to your dead marriage battery.

When does the event begin?


The event officially begins at 6:30 pm on Friday, March 22.

When does the event end?

The event ends at 4 pm CT on Saturday, March 23.

Where is the event happening?

The Family Church
3314 Rhea County Hwy, Dayton, TN,  Tennessee

What hotel should we book? And is there a special rate?

Holiday Inn Express 
● Hot Breakfast
● Fresh Coffee 24/7
● In room Coffee
● Gym 24/7
● Pool 8am to 10pm

Sleep Inn and Suites
● Hot Breakfast
● Fresh Coffee 24/7
● In room Coffee
● Gym 24/7
● Pool 8am to 10pm

Econo Lodge Inn and Suite
● Pastry, Fruit, and Juice
● Fresh Coffee 24/7
● In Room Coffee
● Gym 24/7


What if I want to extend my stay?

What a wonderful idea!

If you’re traveling to the area, we encourage you to stay Saturday night so you can enjoy some adventure time for two to complete your getaway weekend!

Are meals included? (Yep)

Saturday lunch is included!

What if I can't attend? Can I get a refund?

Because we are a small ministry, we can’t offer refunds, however we are happy to provide you the seminar via video recording. 

Can I bring my children?
What's the closest airport?
I have another question, not listed here...

“Build the marriage you are longing for.

For the years I have known Mark and Jill Savage, I have watched them walk through major challenges with amazing grace–and have seen how God created something beautiful in and through them.

Mark and Jill have learned lessons the hard way.

Now their book—and seminars—are equipping us to build the marriage we’re longing for.

Shaunti Feldhahn

Happily Married & Best-Selling Author of For Women Only

Still Thinking About It?

Here Is How This Seminar Will Change Your Marriage:

You will learn how to move from being frustrated to fascinated with your differences.

You will connect with a coaching couple who believe in you and are cheering you on.

You will have clarity on how to take the next right step in your marriage.

You will understand how your past affects your present and how to grow beyond where you are.

You will understand the slow fades that are unknowingly causing distance in your relationship.

You will add eight tools to your marriage toolbox that, when used, will stop the fades, deepen intimacy, and increase connection.

You will be able to anonymously ask the questions your heart longs to ask in a safe, loving environment.

Your faith will be strengthened and your hope renewed.

You hurting marriage will find the hope and help it needs.

Your good marriage will be reinforced and made even stronger than it is.

“When it comes to marriage, we believe the best is yet to come and we want to help you get there!

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