HAH-Blog-Hop-graphic-2This week I’ve had my grandchildren and at times it feels as if I’ve gotten nothing done!

As I surveyed my day yesterday, it was tempting to say that I didn’t get much done. But then I thought again. There are many things accomplished in the ordinary parts of life: connection, relationship, rest, nutrition, laughter, music, conversation, and words on a page sinking deep in my heart.  The ordinary parts of our life are sacred. They are the “stuff” of life, the content of memories, and the joy in our heart.

Yet too often we miss them.

We look for the big accomplishments, only to miss the small effort.  We desire check marks on our to-do list, but miss the dozens of deeds done that we’d never write on a “to do” list.  We chastise ourselves, our spouse, and our kids for the “more” that could have happened, blinded to the energy spent and the gift(s) given.  We spend the entire school concert behind a video camera, losing the opportunity to capture the moment in our heart.

The ordinary parts of life are a gift rarely unwrapped. Motivated by a society that says bigger is better, we move faster and faster, reducing the everyday moments of life down to interruptions of efficiency. Mislabeled, these precious moments fall by the side unnoticed and unappreciated.

Just for today: Slow down. Increase margin. Embrace ordinary. See the effort. Feel the emotion. Accept limitations. Enjoy the meal. Laugh hard. Connect. Refuel. Listen. Hope. Marvel.

Do you want to love your life? Take a step today to see, embrace, and love your ordinary. While you’re at it, find encouragement from other moms who are learning to embrace their ordinary.  It’s our Third Thursday Blog Hop where you have your very own online moms group each month.  (If you receive my blog through email, you can find the blog hop links here!)

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