1005884_148466015349540_1080878147_nLast fall, I had the rare opportunity to see a movie before it was released.  When Hearts at Home was contacted by the Moms’ Night Out movie team to discuss reaching moms together, I told my team that I wouldn’t endorse something that I hadn’t seen.  Within a matter of weeks, we were able to view the movie in its unedited version.

I laughed.

I cried.

I laughed some more.

I walked away thinking that the movie managed to capture the challenges of so many faces of motherhood including the stay-at-home mom, working mom, single mom, mom of little ones, and mom of teens.  I loved how the movie illustrated the fears, insecurity, disappointments, struggles, joys, and emotions that every mom experiences at one time or another.

I loved how it made a mom feel normal.

After viewing the movie even when it was still a work in progress, I KNEW this movie would reach the heart of moms.

So you can only imagine my utter surprise to read the critic reviews of Moms Night Out that began to appear after opening weekend.  Moms Night Out was torn apart by critics who only gave it a positive review rate of only 16 percent. However, it was given rave reviews of 86 percent by the majority of those who have seen it.

You know what that tells me? There is a disparity between the media and the everyday person. This is such a reminder that those who often have a voice of influence, don’t always have a connection to their real audience.

There are voices screaming for our attention each and everyday. Magazine covers, critic reviews, and advertising clamor for our attention, but they rarely connect with our reality. You and I have a responsibility to filter out the voices that don’t know us, and tune into the voices that do.

10255349_10152247219472239_4374811033493583550_nGo to the Moms’ Night Out movie with other mom and I assure you you’ll have plenty to talk about for hours afterwards.  There’s nothing better than being with other women who understand what your life is like no matter whether its in a coffee shop, a moms group, or viewing a movie that illustrates the real everyday challenges every mom faces.

I went with both of my daughters who are young moms.

We laughed.

We cried.

And you will too.

Inside Scoop: When you go to see the movie, stay all the way through the credits because there is a bonus scene at the very end! 

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