ThinkstockPhotos-179044139Mark says: “We need to do this more often.” That’s what I said to Jill yesterday morning as we spread out a blanket on the grass along the shore of Lake Michigan.  The International students we were hosting really wanted to see the Shedd Aquarium.  We’ve both been there and didn’t really want to go, so we took a blanket and found some shade along the lake.

Jill says: I asked him, “We need to do what more often?”  He said, “We need to do absolutely nothing together more often.”

Mark says: For many of us, Jill and I included, we often have a non-stop “to-do” list in our head.  Between kids, work, and home projects, there’s always something that needs to be done!

Jill says: It was good to just spread a blanket, talk, read, nap, talk some more, and daydream a bit.

Mark says: We often do that when we are on vacation, but not usually outside of vacation.

Jill says: A couple weekends ago, we kept our grandkids so our daughter and her husband could do “nothing” together. They didn’t go anywhere. They brought the kids to our house (we live a little over an hour from their house) and went back home to spend a low-key weekend together.

Mark says:  We know another couple who, after they put the kids to bed, they go out and lie on the trampoline to talk and gaze at the stars together.

Jill says: When our hot tub is working (it often is NOT working!) we use it to “do nothing” together. We have some of our richest conversations in the hot tub where we are not distracted by the television, cell phones, computer, or the everyday activities of life.

Mark says: You can “do nothing” by spreading a blanket in the park and picnicking a couple times a month.  It costs nothing, and requires only intentionality. It doesn’t even have to take much time. A 30 minute “nothing” date is far better than not doing one at all.

Jill says: It’s hard for us “Type A” driven personalities to slow down and do nothing. Yet, it’s important for our emotional and relational health!

Mark says: We’re going to be more intentional about occasional times of doing nothing together. Want to join us?

What about you? How do you and your spouse “do nothing” together? How about making a date to do nothing sometime in the next two weeks?  

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