As I shared in Tuesday’s post, we’ve homeschooled off and on over the years.  Right now both of my teenagers are attending public school so I’m not on official homeschooling mom.  But I still take the education of my kids very seriously.  School may be out at 3:00 and summer may be just around the corner, but there’s still so much to learn! 

Now I would never ever lump myself into the “homeschooling mom” status to indicate that I’m doing the same thing a mom who is home educating her kids is doing.  My schedule doesn’t look anything like that right now.  I’m not fully responsible for the full curriculum my children need know and understand.  Been there. Done that.  But not doing so in this season right now.

But I’m not off the hook.  There is still so much to teach my boys! 

My current lesson plans include:

  • How to cook
  • How to sew a button on
  • How to make someone feel welcome in our home
  • Who God is
  • How to pray about everyday stuff
  • Growing your character
  • Being a man of integrity
  • How to be a gentleman
  • What’s going on in the world
  • How to have a conversation with someone new
  • How to handle a job interview

Oh my, the list is endless! 

Every home is a school and every mom is a teacher.  I explored this concept further in the chapter titled “Home As a School” in My Heart’s at Home.  If you have the book, re-read that chapter to capture some vision for the many lessons our kids need us to teach them.

What about you?  What lesson plans do you have in place for the remainder of the school year or the upcoming summer months?

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