Since we talk about family a lot on this blog, I thought I’d use this week to give you an update on the members of my family.  I’d also love for you to introduce me to your family!

Some of you have been hanging around Hearts at Home for most of the 19 years it’s existed.  My oldest daughter was 8 when Hearts at Home started. Six years ago she married her husband, Matt, and is now a mom of two. My sweet grandkids are Rilyn, age 2, and Landon, 4 months.

Anne has a blog…but she hasn’t blogged much since Rilyn was born. She’s a stay-at-home mom with a part-time job at their church. Matt is a Family Life Pastor at North Point Christian Church in Winthrop Harbor, IL.  They live about three hours from our home in Central Illinois.


Since we’re all about being real here on this blog, I thought you’d enjoy this picture Anne posted on Facebook. She captioned it, “It’s been a rough day.” I’m betting there are some of you who can relate!

Anne’s my oldest. Now I want to hear about your oldest child!  (If you are reading this in email, you can leave a comment here. Simply click and then scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on ‘comments’ to share!)

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