Last week we introduced our kids to each other.  I thought today would be appropriate to do the same with ourselves and our spouse (if married).

Mark and I have spent much of the summer gardening, working in our yard, sitting on our porch , and reading. Outside of the Olympics, we’ve rarely had the TV on.  In fact, we’ve started spending some of our evenings just laying on the couch together reading. It’s a new habit we’re forming…and liking!

We live in a 100-year-old farmhouse we’ve been restoring for the past 15 years. It’s a perfect home for our large family. However, the state of Illinois is in the process of deciding whether they are going to put a bypass highway in our city. After years of study, they’ve determined where it will go and that happens to be right through our house!  It makes me so sad. Now the state has to determine if they have the money for the project. As long as there’s no money, our house is safe. If they find the money to construct the highway, eminent domain will require us to sell to the state. God tells us to not hang on too tightly to the things of this world…I’m putting that scripture into practice a lot these days!

I serve as the CEO of Hearts at Home, but my home is where my heart is.  One of the core values of Hearts at Home is family first. That means that most of our volunteers and employees choose the hours they work and where they work. For me, that’s always been home.  During this school year I’m doing a few days a week at the Hearts at Home office during school hours, but being home most days when the boys arrive home from school is important to me.

Mark is now working construction full-time. SawHorse Homes does “home repair and renovation from the front door to the back door.”  He loves what he does and he’s quite good at it.  SawHorse is his own business. He enjoys self-employment because he can schedule his jobs around the family’s needs.

Real life...doing dishes!

Mark and I are experiencing the truth found in Joel 2:25 that says that God will restore what the locust have eaten.  God is teaching us many lessons that are restoring and refreshing our relationship.  In time, we’ll share those lessons with you. For now, we are still learning, processing, adjusting, and healing from a hard season.

Counseling is once again a part of our marriage journey. We’ve always been firm believers in seeking help whether our marriage needs something as small as a tune-up or something as large as a major repair. We are grateful for the wise counsel of the Antioch Group in Peoria.

We celebrated our 29th anniversary in June.  A little over a week ago was the 30th anniversary of when we met on a blind date!  It’s hard to believe that it’s been that many years!

Now I want to meet you! What do you do? If you’re married, what does your husband do? Any hobbies? Where do you live?

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