Two nights ago I hosted a girl’s night out at my house.  We kicked the boys out (well, we were nice about it) and ate pizza, talked, played games, talked, made sundaes, talked….you get the picture!

Every mom needs a community of women around her who understand what her life is like.

That’s why I wrote an article on friendship in this month’s Thriving Family Magazine, produced by Focus on the Family.  My friend, Juli Slattery has one in there too. 

Instead of posting about friendships today, jump on over and read my article HERE and Juli’s article HERE

If you haven’t had another mom and her kids over for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches recently, how about picking up the phone and getting a date on the calendar? 

The time with another mom will likely refuel and refresh you!

So where do you find–or create–your community of mothers?

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