This weekend a special movie is opening in the U.S. From the makers of Facing The Giants, Fireproof is a movie designed to celebrate marriage and more importantly to give hope to hurting marriages. If you haven’t heard about Fireproof you need to know all about it! And if it’s showing in your community or nearby, go see it this weekend!

Many of you know our story. Mark and I are self-described as being married 25 years, 15 of them happily. Needless to say, our marriage has been through some challenging times. But now we are both committed to helping other couples have strong marriages too.

That’s why I believe this movie is so important. It uses the power of story to cast hope and provide a vision for a healthy marriage.

To find out more about Fireproof, check out their website . Oh, and Dr. Phil is featuring the movie and talking about marriage on Thursday. You might want to catch that too!

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