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8 Safeguards Against Getting too Close – Marriage
Sometimes we forget that we have to protect our marriage…everyday.

You’re Not Wrong, Just Different
When Mark and I started dating it was our differences that attracted us to one another. It only took about six months of marriage for those same differences to tick us off! To have a successful marriage, we need to make our differences a source of joy instead of strife.

A Grace-Filled Marriage
Grace is a relatively undiscussed and unknown term in our society. We hear a lot about justice, fairness, and legalities, but we don’t often hear about grace. Grace is giving space to be human.

Scheduling Intimacy – Marriage Marriage Partnership
Putting sex on the calendar makes it a date to remember!

Rediscover Romance After Parenthood
Too many of us become parents and then place our marriage on the back burner. If your marriage is suffering from a lack of attention due to the demands of raising a family, you might want to consider these seven strategies to keep your marriage a priority.

Appreciation Goes A Long Way in Marriage
Sometimes it’s easy to notice all that our spouse doesn’t do around the house. However, if pressed, each of us could make a list of all the things we don’t do, too. Those are the things we need to appreciate and express our gratitude for.

Plan the Perfect Birthday Celebration for Your Spouse
Spring is a season of birthdays for our family. In the past 21 years of forging a family, we’ve learned that the way a birthday is celebrated is a gift in and of itself.

Speak your Spouse’s “Love Language” this Valentine’s Day
Husbands, before you run out to pick up your Hallmark card or that heart-shaped diamond necklace, let me give you some clues about speaking her love language.

Marriage: Gifts that Touch the Heart
Have you been trying to figure out just the perfect gift for your spouse this year? I have. But today I changed my perspective. Today it struck me that my husband doesn’t really need another sweater — what he needs from me are real gifts from the heart.

A Child-Centered Life – Marriage Marriage Partnership
What do you do when your world revolves around your kids and your marriage is suffering?

Date Your Mate
Recently my husband found himself in conversation with a friend. They were discussing marriage issues when the husband asked, “Do you and your wife really go on a date every week?”

The ABC’s of a Healthy Marriage
We didn’t have any idea how much work it took to have a good marriage. It’s almost been 15 years since Mark and I said, “I do”. We promised to love, honor, and cherish one another. We promised “for better or for worse”. We were so in love. We were ready to conquer the world together.

Anniversaries: A Time To Focus On The Marriage Relationship
Our 17 years have been years of growth. Seventeen years ago I had the wedding rehearsal jitters. It was really happening. We were committing “till death do us part” in less than 24 hours. I felt both excited and scared as I anticipated our new life together.

Love As a Verb
Immature love is a noun. A thing we long for. A feeling. An expectation of what someone will do for us. Mature love is verb.

How to Bring More Love and Respect into Your Marriage
In the same way that a woman longs to be loved, a man longs to be respected. In fact, if a woman feels loved she will likely respect her husband. And if a man feels respected, he will naturally show love to his wife…

Seven Ways to Develop Emotional Intimacy in Your Marriage
Too many marriages today try to exist without emotional intimacy. Over time a marriage lacking intimacy will become empty, lifeless, and the husband and wife will find distance in their relationship…


You Cannot Lose My Love Midday Connection Mother’s Day Radio Special
Many moms arrive at Mother’s Day excited to be surrounded by family, but other mother’s enter this special day with heavy hearts. “You Cannot Lose My Love” looks through the lenses of an adoptive mother, the mother of a former prodigal, a mother of an autistic child and a mother with a child who is incarcerated. JoinMidday Connection hosts Anita Lustrea and Melinda Schmidt for this Mother’s Day special as we hear about the great lessons learned from four courageous mothers (featuring Carol Kent, Laura Hendrickson, Jill Savage, and Janet Thompson).

Envisioning Vacations
Do you dream about experiences you’d like to have with your family? Then grab a piece of paper and start planning!

Chameleon Parenting: Adapt to Your Child’s Unique Design
My three younger children are teaching me some new mothering lessons — one being the need to invest in their interests even when I don’t share those interests.

Veteran’s Day: From Generation to Generation
I know my Uncle Junior only by the stories passed on by my father and my Aunt Jeannie. When he was twenty years old, he was killed in World War II. This Thursday is Veteran’s Day, a day set aside to honor those who have served honorably in the military. In the midst of our busy day, let’s tell our children about the brave men and women who’ve risked their lives for the our freedom.

Learning To Say No
Are you finding that your life as a mother has you overcommitted and exhausted? As mothers at home it is not work and family we need to keep in balance. We can easily put ourselves back in the position of working full-time outside-the-home hours without bringing home the pay. We must learn the “N” word and how to use it effectively.

Taking Time … For Me!
What do you do when you are just plain tired? How can we learn to survive this season of life when the demands of children are unending? How can we take some time for ourselves? The answer is simple, yet difficult. We ask for it and plan for it.

Professionalizing Motherhood
“What do you do all day?” I found that although I provided a loving, warm atmosphere for the children, I wasn’t who they longed for–it was mom. I found that although I could easily bandage up a wounded knee and rock a crying child, it wasn’t me they wanted–it was mom.

How to Raise Wise Money Managers
Every child has their own financial personality. Three of our children are savers. Two are spenders. Of course, they take after both my husband and me, who sit at opposite ends of the spending/saving spectrum ourselves…

Passing Down Veterans Day Appreciation to New Generations
In the midst of our busy day, let’s pass down to our children the appreciation of the “Uncle Juniors” of the world who preserved our freedom. Need a place to start?


Decorating on a Shoe-String Budget? Get Creative!
Decorating on a one-income budget is not impossible… Over the years I’ve watched creative friends use everyday materials to add color, warmth, and a fresh look to their home. I’ve taken notes along the way and have learned there are some very simple, low cost ways to improve the appearance of our home.


Is It Time to Recalculate Your Course?
If reality doesn’t match up to vision, then the option to recalculate may be important.

Overcome Adult Peer Pressure
We can’t resist peer pressure if we don’t recognize it’s there. Watch out for these types of adult peer pressure.

Live with Less to Enjoy More
Our culture constantly says that you need more in your life: a bigger house, a newer car, better clothes, more activities. But pursuing what truly matters requires living with less – not more – so you’ll be free to grow closer to God and other people.


Tackling the Tough Questions of Motherhood–Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast
Author Jill Savage tackles tough questions moms often ask about finding their true identity, achieving balance in life, dealing with failure and remaining faithful when older children rebel

The Cross & the Pen: Is There Sex After Kids?
When I saw that my friend Jill Savage had written a book titled Is There Really Sex After Kids, (Zondervan) I burst out laughing…then nearly cried! Why, oh why, wasn’t Jill typing out this advice 20-plus years ago, I wondered, when I was balancing both heart and hubby?

Jill Savage: A Professional Mom
Read about how author and speaker Jill Savage founded Hearts at Home, an organization for moms. In our interview with Jill Savage, she talks about the organization she founded, Hearts at Home, being a professional mom, and her love for ministering to other mothers.

Jill Savage: Under Construction – Women Today’s Christian Woman
Building her marriage hasn’t always been easy, but it’s become a labor of love for Hearts at Home founder Jill Savage.


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