I received this email last week:

Hi, Jill!

You’ve asked for fun summer ideas–I want to share this one with you! Each summer, my parents host their grandkids for “cousin camp.” They just go to my parents’ house and have a ton of fun. Right now, it’s the five oldest grandkids, ages 4-12. There are two younger ones who will also go when they drop their naps. šŸ™‚

We all live a few hours from one another, so the cousins don’t see each other often. Cousin Camp is a GREAT way for the cousins to really know each other and live together for a few days. And–the parents aren’t there to insert all our input and preferences. šŸ™‚ They do anything, from swinging on our old swingset, to walking in the woods behind my parents’ house, to going to the zoo.

One year they all got matching t-shirts; one year they each made a quilt square, which my mom then sewed into a quilt. One year they made up a silly “cousin” song. Looks like this year they’ll be doing a special outing.

I think anyone could take this idea and run with it–all you need is a grandma or aunt or someone willing to host and entertain a group of kids for a couple days!


My friend Julie does something very similar to this.  She calls it “Grammy Camp.”  It’s something special that the grandkids look forward to every summer…and they all live near each other. 

On their 11th birthday, my sister, Juli, and her husband treated our kids to a special gift of a day doing whatever they wanted to do.  Several of the kids chose theme parks and one chose snowboarding.  It was a special birthday they looked forward to.

I’m curious to hear about other special ways that Grandparents, Aunts, etc, work to build special relationships with those they love!  

Share your ideas!

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