PicMonkey Bday CollageI’ve had a wonderful birthday week!

My family threw a birthday party for me on Sunday.

I had hoped to go somewhere warm for my 50th birthday, but my chemo schedule wouldn’t allow it.  So they brought the beach to me…complete with drinks that had little umbrellas in them!

Then yesterday, the wonderful people I get to do ministry with at Hearts at Home had a retro party for me.  When I arrived at the Hearts at Home office, there was a sign on the door that said, “Welcome to 1964!” When I walked in I saw peace signs, headbands, and even a record player that played 45’s!  So much fun!


I want to thank those of you who participated in My 50th Birthday Wish.  While we didn’t get to 50 kids like I had hoped, I got to hear so many wonderful stories about the kids so many of you already sponsor, and there are 14 kids who were sponsored in the past two weeks; they’re lives have been changed forever and I am so grateful!

My 50th Birthday WishIf you wanted to participate but just couldn’t now, you can always come back to these posts on www.JillSavage.org and click on the 50th birthday picture to find a child that desperately needs you!

One more thing….today is chemo day for me. Would you pray that they’d find the right nausea meds for me in the coming week?  The week after chemo has been pretty hard and they’re trying to get my meds right to reduce the nausea.  Thanks so much!

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