One of the things that makes a Hearts at Home Conference so much fun is having the ability to design your own day to meet your needs as a mom.  Our conference workshops range from parenting your toddler to launching your teenager into adulthood.  You can take a workshop on organizing your home to deepening your spiritual walk.  

Last year, one of our most popular workshops was What Not To Wear.  It was a very practical workshop designed to help you look your best with the body God has given you.  Today Shari Braendel is giving us our very own Hearts at Home What Not To Wear workshop-on-the-go.  And she’s doing a couple of giveaways along with it! 

Hello to all your Hearts at Home girls! It’s so good to be posting here and I’m grateful to Jill for allowing me to visit with all of you again.  I thought we’d have some fashion fun today!

If you’re like most busy moms sometimes you’re lucky to take time to dab on a little lip gloss and wear an unstained t-shirt, let alone take time to think about your wardrobe. I want to encourage you to take some time to think about YOU today.

One of the most common emails I get is from women who say they can’t figure out how to have style and wonder how they can go about getting it.

I have style defined by four different categories:

     • Style Fashionista

     • Pure Natural

     • Classic Modern

     • Creative Original

Basically, when we dress, we like what we like, right? I know that I prefer big bold accessories and anything leopard print and honestly would wear most trendy items whether anyone else would or not.  That makes me a Style Fashionista!

You might like to wear cotton, linen, and anything comfy. You wouldn’t be caught dead in four-inch spike pumps and would rather be in tennis shoes or boots.  You enjoy wearing clothes that feel good on your skin and you keep your accessories simple. You are a Pure Natural.

Perhaps you like classic pieces of clothing like basic trousers or nice jeans and crew neck sweaters or simple, colorful v-neck t-shirts and you adore pearl necklaces and bracelets and charm bracelets. You like big handbags to pair with your ballet flats or wedge heels. An updated blazer or cardigan always feels right to you. You are a Classic Modern.

A Creative Original is a mom who loves to wear unique things. She’ll shop at vintage boutiques and thrift shops and come out looking fabulous! Her accessories always have others complimenting her and her wardrobe is full of pieces that reflect her creative self.

Here’s the thing. You may look at the above descriptions and immediately find yourself. Or you may look at them and think I forgot a category that we might call “I ain’t got style!” If that’s the case for you please know that it doesn’t have to be that way for long.

The key to dressing with style is to wear bottoms and tops you love (even if it’s a terrific pair of jeans and a simple pull over sweater or t-shirt and then add accessories that will complete the outfit.

I believe most moms don’t wear enough accessories. I have a guideline called the 16 point accessory rule that will help you know if you have enough on. Check this out and determine your accessory IQ.

• Watch: 1 point

• Wedding ring set: 1 point

• Fun ring on right hand: 1 point

• Bangle or bracelet: 1 point for each

• Necklace: 1 point

• Earrings: 2 points (one for each one)

• Belt: 1 point

• Shoes: 2 points

• Jeans/trousers/skirt: 1 point

• Top: 1 point if solid color or 2 points if it is a print or multi color

• Jacket or sweater: 1 point

• Nail polish: 1 point (total, for all ten fingers)

• Makeup: 1 point

• Getting compliments on your haircut: 1 point (if you’re not getting compliments, why not make a change?)

Take time for yourself so you can feel great. It’s no good to take care of everyone else around you and let yourself go. You deserve to have confidence in your appearance and feel wonderful about how God made you. 

If you’ve gained some weight, don’t wait until you’ve lost your intended weight to buy something new. Choose goal weights along the way to treat yourself. And always, always remember that YOU are beautiful EXACTLY as you are. God did NOT make a mistake with your body even though sometimes we think He did. No matter your size or shape, you are in the body God gave you and it is GOOD, sister!

I’ve got a couple of signed copies of my new style guide for women to give away! It’s called Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad and you’ll be able to determine your body shape, clothing style, the best jeans and swimsuit for you and even tips on the best makeup, haircut and glasses based on your face shape. 

To have a chance to win, leave a comment about which style you most relate to and Jill and I will pick some winners on Monday, Aug 16, and post them on Tuesday, Aug 17! I can’t wait to hear from you! 

I hope you’ll visit me at every Wednesday, too! You can get a FREE on line color analysis there to determine the best styles for you. And while you’re there, enter to win a chance to win some FABULOUS prizes during the makeover contest between August 9th thru August 28th. Just click on the contest link. Come and visit me!

Shari Braendel

Proverbs 31 Ministries

Did you learn something?  Personally, I’ve been much more conscious of “accessorizing” since I took Shari’s workshop!  As far as style, I fall somewhere between a Pure Natural and a Classic Modern.  

What about you? (Make sure and include your email address if you want to be entered into the drawing for the book!)

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