One of the things I’m trying to do is to be more intentional about sleep.  My body needs good sleep and quite frankly, I need about 9 hours a night.

How in the world does a mom get the sleep she needs?

I’ve found there’s one way to make it happen: she leaves things undone.

Easy to say but oh so hard to do. Sometimes I have to leave laundry undone, dishes unwashed, clutter I wanted to put away still out, and blog posts not finished.  At night those are so hard to leave undone.

Yet what I leave undone helps to to not become undone the next day. 

I trade undone chores for more patience, better health, a clear mind, and more energy. Let’s face it, I’m a nicer mom and a better wife when I’m well rested.

You know what else I’ve learned?  The undone chores don’t look so bad in the morning when I’m tackling them with a rested mind and body!

So how about you? How do you get the rest you need? 

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