Last week on Facebook, a mom shared her story of grief with me.  I thought her experience was so important for us to all understand that I asked her if I could share it with you.  She agreed.

In my book, Real Moms…Real Jesus, we look at the humanity of Jesus.  Jesus was fully God, but also fully man.  He experienced everything we experience: hunger, weariness, disappointment, betrayal, grief, and more.  Because of that, we have a God who feels our feelings and understands our struggles. 

I think this story illustrates that beautifully.


About 2 years ago my husband left me and my daughter.  There were moments that I couldn’t breathe and I was quite certain I would never feel joy again.

I was ashamed, I was crushed, I was broken. I tried to muddle my way through it as best I could, talking to God when I could.

But one day I broke and I lashed out at God. I was at the absolute peak of my anger and pain and as I yelled at Him and took it out on Him, expecting to “feel” His anger at me for doing so.

Instead, however, I felt as though He was crying too.

I felt in that moment that God was just as broken as I was. He hated to see me in such pain and all He wanted to do was hold me. So, through my sobs I spoke the words to Jeremy Camp’s song “I Still Believe:”
I still believe in Your faithfulness
I still believe in Your Truth
I still believe in Your Holy Word
Even when I don’t see You, I still believe.

I closed my eyes and in that moment I saw Jesus kneeling in front of me and He wrapped His arms around me, entirely encompassing me. My sobs slowly faded and I felt my entire body go numb. Even if I wanted to cry, I couldn’t. He calmed me entirely. It is probably the most intimate moment I have ever had with Him.

What I want women to know is that it is OK to be fully honest with God. He can take it.  I am sorry that I lashed out at God, but in a way I’m really not because I have never felt more loved than in that moment. I felt completely raw and exposed and I let Him have it all.

From that night forward God began healing me.

What you are weeping about, Jesus is weeping with you.  Where you are discouraged, He understands.  Where you are just dog-tired, He gets it!  Jesus understands our wide range of emotions and experiences. 

I’m going to give away a copy of Real Moms…Real Jesus today.  Simply leave a comment by midnight Thursday sharing what you are feeling today.  It doesn’t even have to be a sentence…just a word or two will do.  I’ll draw one winner on Friday.

You are not alone…Jesus understands…and so do other moms.

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