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Jill Savage, an empty-nest veteran, offers you:

 WISDOM for the murky waters ahead. Teaching you what you need to let go of and hold on to

 ENCOURAGEMENT for when you’re feeling confused and discouraged. Full of stories and new insights, you’ll find your spirits lifted and hope renewed.

 IDEAS for when you don’t know “What’s next?” Jill offers loads of practical ideas for coping and thriving in this encore season.

Empty Nest Full Life Book Cover
No More Perfect Moms Cover

No More Perfect Moms

No More Perfect Marriages Cover

No More Perfect Marriages

No More Perfect Kids Cover

No More Perfect Kids

Better Together Cover

Better Together

Is There Really Sex After Kids? Cover

Is There Really Sex After Kids?

Real Moms Real Jesus Book Cover

Real Moms
Real Jesus

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How to Start Dreaming with Your Spouse Again | #MarriageMonday

How to Start Dreaming with Your Spouse Again | #MarriageMonday

On today's #MarriageMonday, we're diving into why it's important to dream with your spouse and how to have future-focused conversations without conflict.  Mark: I'm a dreamer. I always have been. I love to think about what "could be." Jill: I've always been more of a...

What Do I Do When I’m Not in the Mood?

What Do I Do When I’m Not in the Mood?

It's no secret, but sex can easily become one of the biggest sources of conflict in marriage. Do you see that in your marriage? Maybe you feel like your differing sex drives are exhausting, Maybe you feel like all your spouse thinks about is sex. Maybe you feel like...

An Evening Routine for a Connected Marriage | #MarriageMonday

An Evening Routine for a Connected Marriage | #MarriageMonday

What is your evening routine like? Is connecting as a couple something you intentionally do? Last week, I shared about reaching your goals for the New Year.  Today I want to share about a goal I hope you have in mind for this year: Increasing connection in your...

A Word for the New Year: Intentionality

A Word for the New Year: Intentionality

Happy New Year! Mark and I are spending the start of this year down in Florida with my mom, and it has been such a special start to the year. Today, I want to talk about intentionality. Every January, the focus is goal-setting for so many of us. We set goals and...

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Having a coach is like having a personal trainer. Instead of working on body goals, you’ll set and meet life or career goals. If you feel overwhelmed with life, marriage, building a platform, speaking, or writing, Jill knows the path and she can guide you to success!

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