Amy is a high school chemistry teacher. She shares some great stories of things she learns from her students while she’s teaching them science. She said that as she was writing on the board one day, one of her students raised her hand and asked, “Why did you write hashtag 2 on the board?”

She had to clarify that she wrote “number” 2 using the symbol for number – that this was Chemistry – not Twitter class! But Amy realized how much it mattered that as a teacher she knew what “hashtag” even meant! Technology has brought on a whole new language for us.

We’re all learning all the time and sometimes our kids have some things to teach us even while we’re teaching them…especially in the area of technology.

I first got on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to stay connected to my kids. Since then I’ve discovered social media benefits for me, too!

I’m a firm believer, however, that before signing up for social media, the kids in my home have to allow me to have their username and password. If they don’t have something to hide, then it shouldn’t be a problem for me to occasionally look!

Let’s face it…the learning curve for the profession of motherhood is pretty steep especially with our changing culture.  It only gets steeper as the kids get older. At Hearts at Home we’re all about continuing education for moms. There are several ways you can tap into that education:

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Taking care of ourselves IS taking care of our family so when you’re intentional about your continuing education, it makes a difference to your family!

I want to hear from you today on one or both of these questions:

1) How are you being intentional about your continuing education as a mom?

2) If your kids are old enough to be using social media, how are you monitoring that in your family? 

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