sb10067750g-001Several Christmases ago I was feeling stressed as a ran errands and listened to Christmas music in my car. The song “Let It Snow” came on and without thinking I found myself singing along to the tune. When it came to the chorus, without thinking I changed the words and began singing “Let it go, let it go, let it go!”

That was the beginning of simplifying Christmas for me.

That year I decided not to do Christmas cards. The following year I reduced the amount of holiday baking I did. This year I have about one half the decorations up in the house.

This is a “less is more” mindset for me.  Less stress means more time for Jesus in my holiday season. That’s a gain that’s positive for me and my family in many ways.

The next time you hear “Let It Snow” on the radio, sing along with me the new words that will give you freedom in the holidays: “Let it go, let it go, let it go!”

What about you? What are you letting go of this Christmas to make room for the birth of Christ in your heart? 

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