In our book, Living With Less So Your Family Has More,  Mark and I share about the importance of doing what’s best for your family regardless of how your choices might be different than the rest of the world.

Our son-in-love Matt and daughter, Anne, told a funny story when they were here last Friday.  They have a new pastor at their church living with them temporarily in their home in Zion, IL.  His family is still in Nashville, TN, waiting for their home to sell. When he arrived, he asked them where their coffee pot was.  They don’t drink coffee so they told him they didn’t have one.  Then he opened his computer and asked about their network name and password.  Matt and Anne don’t have internet at home.  It’s a living with less choice for them.  They also don’t have cable television or satellite TV. Another living with less decision.

A few weeks later his family came to visit and stayed with Matt, Anne, and the kids. When his wife asked where the paper towels were, Anne explained that they don’t buy paper towels.  Anne keeps a stack of old cut up t-shirts under her sink that she uses in place of paper towels.  She just throws the dirty cloths in with her laundry and uses them again. One more living with less choice.

I laughed as they shared their story and how it seemed to throw this new family off. Some of Matt and Anne’s choices are counter-cultural. They definitely are non-traditional. However, they are choices that are right for their family and their budget.  They choose to live with less in order to experience the “more” of Anne being home with the kids most of the time (she works part-time as an administrative assistant at their church).

We’ve made many “living with less” decisions over the years. We’ve spent a season with one car. I wrote about that here.  We drive old cars…I wrote about that here. And we don’t buy napkins anymore, choosing to use cloth napkins I used to pull out only for special occasions. I wrote about that decision here.

What about you?  What living with less choices have you made that are counter-cultural or non-traditional? 

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