About a month before little Rilyn was born, I spent the weekend with Anne with the goal of helping her finish up the nursery.  Once we had everything in it’s place, she looked at the white walls and said, “Mom, we can’t spend a dime making this room look warm and welcoming.  And we can’t paint either.  What can we do?”  Ah…let the creativity begin!
The first thing I thought of was something large and fabric…a blanket!  I asked her if she had a blanket or quilt that could be hung on the wall.  After some brainstorming we both remembered that she had her own baby quilt that her Aunt Jackie had cross-stitched 25 years ago when she was born.  We dug out the blanket and laid it out on the floor.  Perfect!
Then Anne thought of some collage picture frames that she had, but wasn’t using.  She pulled out the frames and arranged them on the floor with the blanket. It was coming together, but still needed something else.  I pulled out a hand knit sweater and bootie set that had also been a baby gift when Anne was born. 
Anne filled in a few pictures she had of her pregnant belly and the rest of the 3×5 openings she filled with scrapbooking paper.  We hung it all on the wall and were amazed at how it warmed up the room. 
On one other wall, we used four different pieces of scrapbooking paper and arranged them in a simple line with an alternating pattern.  That was it!  Not a dime was spent and Rilyn has a beautiful room!
(If you’d like more ideas, I have an article over on the Guidepost blog today called “Decorating on a Shoe String Budget.”  You can find it here.)
What about you?  What creative ideas do you have for decorating with less? 

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