One of my favorite mommy bloggers is Crystal Paine who blogs at  When reading through the articles on her website I ran across one where she shared about her decision to stop buying paper towels.  While not buying paper towels isn’t something we’ve chosen to do, I was challenged by the principle behind her decision.  She challenged me to not confuse luxuries with necessities.  It was something I’d never personally thought about and I expanded on that thought even more in our Living With Less So Your Family Has More book.

About two months ago we ran out of napkins.  Because we needed napkins for dinner, I pulled out some cloth napkins that we have used at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The next evening I still hadn’t gone to the store so I pulled out cloth napkins again.

That’s when it struck me. Napkins aren’t a necessity.  I can choose not to buy them. 

We have about two dozen mix-and-match cloth napkins and they work just fine for our family meals.  They are really not adding to the laundry at all…I’m just throwing them in with loads I’m already doing.

Not only that but this decision for “less” is giving us a “more.”  Sitting down to a table setting with a cloth napkin feels just a little bit nicer than the paper napkins we usually use.  It’s made our mealtime feel just a little more special. 

So no more napkins for the Savage family.  It’s a luxury we just don’t need to be paying for.

What about you?  What “necessities” have you redefined as “luxuries” and determined to do without?

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