There are all kinds of wonderful deals out there for those who are living with less. One of the newest are the “city based” deals that get delivered right into your email box everyday.

One of my favorites is Groupon.  I recently bought a Christmas gift for one of my family members…it was a $50 gift certificate to their favorite store that I purchased through Groupon for $25.  They offer these kinds of deals for retail stores, restaurants, car repairs, hair salons and more!

Another one that is nationwide is called Seize the Deal.  If you sign up for Groupon or Seize the Deal, they will send you a daily deal that you can choose to delete or purchase. 

Our local newspaper, The Pantagraph, also runs something called “Today’s Deal” which has similar offers. Mark and I recently paid $25 for a $50 gift card to our local garden shop where we purchase our garden vegetables and flowers in the spring.  The gift cards are good for a year so we’ll just pull them out next Spring (we each bought one so we spent a total of $50 and we’ll get $100 worth plants and flowers that we always buy in the spring!)

Another one a Facebook friend told me about is Living Social. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m going to.

What other “group purchase” deals have you found to be helpful?

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