Third-Thursday-ThoughtsLove. Your. Failures. Those 3 words seem odd to say.  Why would we ever love our failures?  How could we even begin to put the word “love” and “failures” in the same sentence?

The only way we can ever do that is if we can see some benefit in failure.  Since most of us hate failing, it’s probably safe to say that few of us see any benefit when we fall short.

Whether you believe it or not, there is value in failure.

It’s called growth.

That’s right. The best part of failing is the opportunity it presents us to grow.

  • When I forgot to pick up my daughter after school one day, I learned that I was over committed.
  • When I tried to control the outcome of a conversation’, I learned that I sometimes trust myself more than I trust God.
  • When I didn’t say the right thing to my teenager, I learned its sometimes better to listen more and talk less.

We aren’t perfect, but God longs to perfect us to be more like Him everyday.  In fact, He often does His best work shining His light through the cracks in our lives.

Give yourself grace when you don’t get it right and then thank God for the opportunity to grow!

What about you?  When have you failed and what lesson did you learn from it? 

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