A few weeks ago the Savage family took a trip to Florida for Spring Break. My parents own a condo on Okaloosa Island in Ft. Walton Beach and they are very generous to let my sisters and I use it for family vacations. Our family had not been for two years so we decided to head down for the week of Spring Break. There was one hitch, however. We had very little money to make this trip.

Mark and I were able to scrape together $600 for our trip and, with the price of gas, most of that was going to be used up in fuel expenses. We told the kids that this was a frugal vacation (honestly they hear that every time!) and that we would eat every meal in the car—no fast food, no drinks when we stopped for gas, no candy at the Quick Mart. It was just us and our cooler of food and drinks. The picture below is of Mark and I eating our peanut butter sandwiches in the car while the kids were playing at a park and snarfing down their sandwiches.

Once we were in Florida it was the same thing…we made our own meals and ate out only once during the trip and that was with the requirement of sharing meals!
But we went, we had a relaxing week, and we made it work on our limited budget.

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How do you save money? How do you live frugally? Have you chosen to live on one-income in a two-income world? What decisions have you made to make it work? Where do you do without, find good deals, or incorporate strategies that save you money? Post your suggestions anytime from April 20-30 to this post and you’ll be entered in the April contest to win a Hearts at Home book of your choice!

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