We’re looking forward to our time together!

We are so glad you’ve decided to schedule a marriage coaching session.

Whether you want to move your marriage from good to great or you’re hurting and you desperately need hope and help, we’ve been where you are. We promise to be a safe place for you and to help you take the next right steps to heal or strengthen your marriage.

In order for us to best help you, we have some quizzes we’d like for you to both take before we meet.

Please print this out: Results PDF.  This is what you’ll record your quiz results on. Then you’ll take a picture and/or scan the filled in PDF and send it back our way by email (resources@jillsavage.org) no later than the day before we meet.

Here are the quizzes:

    1. Love Languages Quiz
    2. Love Styles Quiz
    3. Personal Operating Inventory Quiz

Below you’ll also find our coaching intake and release form. Please print it out, fill it out, and take a pic or scan it and send it back our way as well (resources@jillsavage.org).


Got questions? Please email us at resources@jillsavage.org.