Marriage-MondayThirty times on June 25, we have celebrated our wedding anniversary.  Over the years we’ve celebrated in many different ways:

1) We’ve written love notes to each other.

2) We’ve gone away for an overnight at a hotel in town. (We use to bid on a local room.  We can usually find one at about the $45 bid price.)

3) We’ve gone away for an overnight for two nights in another town. (Two of our personal favorites were Lazy Cloud Inn in Lake Geneva, WI and The Barn in Dahinda, IL.)

4) We’ve had friends take our kids for the night and we stayed home alone in our own home.

5) Last summer we did a staycation.  Mark took the day off work and spent the day sightseeing in our own town.  We ate at restaurants we’d never been in, shopped at the downtown stores we never shop in, enjoyed museums and art galleries we didn’t even know existed!

6) We’ve had the kids go to grandmother and granddad’s house for a week while we stayed in our own home that week.  Just having several days of dinner for two in a quiet house was quite refreshing!

1042978367) We’ve done a tour of our dating spots.  When we started dating, I was living in the Alpha Chi Omega house at Butler University in Indianapolis.  Mark was living in a mobile home across town.  We have revisited the mobile home park and my sorority house as well as favorite restaurants and parks where we used to spend time.

8) After saving for many years, we were able to do a cruise with our family for our 25th anniversary.

Tomorrow is our 30th anniversary and we’ve decided to do something very different.  We’re doing a Getaway with God retreat at The Jesus R & R House, which is a local retreat center.  We’re setting aside 24 hours to read God’s word together, pray, walk, and talk.  We’re going to thank God for the 30 years He’s given us together.  We’re going to thank Him for redeeming the broken places in each of us and in our relationship, and we’re going to seek God’s direction for the next season of our life.  We’ve never done anything like this. It’s a little intimidating, quite different, but also a very appropriate way for us to celebrate this milestone anniversary.

Doing something special for your anniversary is important. It says “we are important,” “our relationship matters,” and “we have something to celebrate.”  Honestly, we’ve not always “felt” like celebrating. Sometimes our anniversary has fallen during hard seasons. However, even in those times, we’ve done something special to celebrate the commitment. We’ve set aside our differences or conflict for the day and done the right thing by celebrating.

This year we have much to celebrate!  For that I am very grateful.

What about you?  How have you celebrated your anniversary?  You can post your ideas as comments on this post here!

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