So have your kids said it yet?

You know the phrase.

We’ve all heard it a million times.

Mom…I’m bored.

Yep, I heard it yesterday for the first time. Somewhere around 2:30 in the afternoon it escaped out of my 13-year-old’s mouth.

So you want to know what I did?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Boredom is a good thing for kids…

…it brings out ingenuity.
…it nurtures creativity.
…it stimulates the imagination.
…it forces spontaneity.
…it allows for dreaming.
…it launches adventure.

Sure, sometimes our kids need some help thinking creatively.  But a little bit of boredom never hurt any kid!

P.S. Remember my summer strategy post a few weeks ago? A little bit of structure is good for mom and the kids. If you’re looking for great summer ideas, you might want to check out The Confident Mom’s Summer Survival Calendar. For those of you with younger kids, it just might be the best $7 you’ll spend this summer!

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