More is not always betterDo you know that you still, as a parent, deal with peer pressure? You sure do! And right now–as we shelter in place–it’s probably decreased in ways you haven’t even realized.

Ten years ago, Mark and I wrote our Living With Less So Your Family Has More book.

The message was to help parents stand up against peer pressure and determine to live in a way that is best for their family. It was a challenge to live with less stress, less activities, and less money than what’s culturally acceptable.

Too many families believe that that more is better: more money, more career, more activities.

In buying that lie, parents go deep in debt trying to provide material things their kids really don’t need, alienate their children while serving the community, compromise their marriage by living on a crazy schedule packed with activities, and stress out their kids while providing them every opportunity possible.

Is this really what we want for our families?

More was not always better. In fact, when it comes to family life, less can actually be more!

To some degree, I think we’re all experiencing some personal “less is more” gains in these shelter-in circumstances:

Give your kids more laughter and availability?Less running gives more time for talking.
?Less distractions gives more focused attention.
?Less eating out gives more opportunity to sit around the table at home.
?Less volunteer responsibilities gives more capacity for family relationships.
?Less activities gives more time for taking a walk around the block.

Last fall when we started working on updating the Living With Less book, our goal timeframe to get it into your hands was March/April 2020.

Who would have known, but God, that we would all be living with less right now? That some of the “less” we’re experiencing just might be something we want to continue after the world returns to a new normal?

Right now is a great time to do an audit as it relates to your commitments. What “less” have you enjoyed that you want to maintain? Where do you need to submit your resignation as it relates to volunteer or job responsibilities so you can have your head and your heart more available to those you love the most? What activities do your kids really miss and what are they relieved they don’t have to do right now?

And if you need help with figuring all that out…the e-book should release next week and the print book shortly thereafter! If you want to be notified when they release (and have special launch pricing!), you can get on the “notify me” list here:


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