It happens every Monday after a Hearts at Home conference.  I’ve heard wonderful messages, attended some great workshops (yes, even though I present workshops, I still sneak into a few that I want to take!), and I’ve got a ton of new ideas in my back pocket.

Now where do I begin?

I’ve come to learn that less is more when it comes to managing my expectations after a learning experience like a Hearts at Home conference.  Or after reading a good parenting book.  Or after listening to the pastor’s sermon on Sunday.

Choose one thing.

Yes, there were dozens of great ideas.  Tons of takeaways.

But choose just one.

Focus on one principle you want to apply or one change you want to make.  Think about it.  Talk to God about it. Write it down.  Share it with a friend.

One heartfelt long-term change is far better than a handful of short-term adjustments that really don’t stick.

Regardless of whether you attended the conference this past weekend or not, what’s your one thing that you’re choosing to focus on today, tomorrow, and in the coming days? 

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