My 50th birthday is fast approaching…February 26!

My family asked me how I want to celebrate the day and we’re having a small celebration with just close friends and family and I’m looking forward to it!

As I thought more about this milestone birthday, I discovered that I have a birthday wish:

My 50th Birthday Wish

Hearts at Home has been partnering with Compassion for nearly 10 years and over 2200 children’s lives have been changed through that partnership.  But there are so many more children who desperately need help and a sponsor can make all the difference.

My daughters and I as well as a couple of Hearts at Home team members had the opportunity to travel to El Salvador with Compassion International in 2008. My life was forever changed on that trip and I knew without a doubt that I was called to be a voice for children who don’t have a voice.

photoThis past August, three Hearts team members and I had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania, Africa to both meet our sponsored child and to see first hand the experience the difference child sponsorship makes.

It was a powerful trip for me and since our sponsored child has now aged out of the program, it’s been my privilege to continue to communicate with her through email during the past few months.  Not all sponsorships continue after the child ages out of the program, but I am grateful I’ve been able to continue to encourage Theresia.

But that brings me to today….and my birthday wish.  I’m blowing out the candles and making a wish today that I hope you’ll help make come true for me and for a child who desperately needs you.  

Wanna be a part of my 50th birthday? Here how you can join the fun! 

1) I blogged about both of those trips and I want to encourage you to take a few minutes to read through my posts from those two trips. If you have the time to do that with your spouse and grade-school or older children, it could also bring about some great conversations about life in other parts of the world.

2) Use this opportunity to give (or ask for) a unique Valentine’s gift.  Do you really need another bracelet or could you and your spouse instead send a love message to a child by providing them with food, education, healthcare, and a family who loves them and believes in them?

3) Allow yourself to be stretched and challenged. I hope to share some of what I’ve learned about moms and kids in 3rd world countries who can be helped in such a simple way on our end and such a transforming way on their end.

4) Anytime you go to the Compassion site, please click through from my blog or blog posts. This will help us keep track of how many children are sponsored for my 50th birthday wish!

969291_414547115332845_1616621982_n5) If you already sponsor a child, consider sponsoring a second or third child.  Or use this birthday wish of mine to prompt you to pray for your sponsored child, write to your child, or give a extra gift to your child’s family.

6) I want to hear about your child! Whether you already sponsor a child, or choose to do so to make my birthday wish come true, please share about your child by leaving a comment!

I’m not much for celebrating my own birthday….but I’m sooooo excited about this!  I hope you’ll join me in making this milestone birthday something to remember and making a difference in a child’s life! 


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