Everyone needs a friend or two who you can allow to see the “less than ideal” side of you. My friends Becky, Tonya, and Diane are those friends.

Being the CEO of Hearts at Home could be a full-time job if I let it be. But I’m unwilling to do that. I’m committed to being a mom first and because of that, I have to let some things slide. That means sometimes paperwork becomes overwhelming or keeping up with details a little crazy. Doing research for a Hearts at Home book or getting ready for a conference can also have so many tasks that need to be accomplished to make it to the finish line.

That’s where these three friends help me the most. They are all Hearts at Home volunteers that come to my house either once a week or once a month or as needed and help dig me out! They’re willing to do whatever is needed. Not only that, but they are great prayer partners as well!

So who is your “see your dirt” friend? Maybe it’s someone who filled a gap while you were on pregnancy bedrest. Maybe it’s a friend that you spend so much time with that you feel as comfortable in her home as you do in your own home! I’d love to hear about your “see your dirt” friend! Remember anyone who comments during this friendship discussion will be entered into a drawing to win a Hearts at Home book of their choice!

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