My friend Amy is like an adopted aunt to my children. Amy and I met at church. She’s single and lives away from extended family so she’s become a member of our extended family.

Amy and I have helped each other out on home projects. We’ve taken care of each other’s animals when we’ve been out of town. We’ve celebrated birthdays together and encouraged each other through hard times. Amy usually joins us for Thanksgiving and Christmas, too. There have been times that Amy has stayed with our kids when Mark and I have been out of town. She knows my kids well and I feel comfortable leaving them in her care. That’s because we’ve spent enough time together to be comfortable.

My friendship with Amy is a reminder that some friendships can be outside of our usual community of mothers. We need to look for friendships in places we might not normally look.

My friend Monica told me today about a group of three older ladies who take her out once a month. These three unlikely friends have become a blessing to Monica. Last month they introduced her to sushi on a ladies night out. Monica is their hairstylist and they have reached out in friendship to her.

Is there someone at church you can reach out to who doesn’t have family around? Is there an unlikely friend you’ve overlooked? How about someone who isn’t a mom or is older or younger than you?

Thank you to those of you who have shared about your friendships or your challenges with friendships. If you haven’t read through the responses to yesterdays post, do so. I think you’ll find you will be both challenged and encouraged!

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