It’s here! Today the UPS man delivered a box of books to my house! Wahoo! It’s my new book Real Moms…Real Jesus! I am soooooo excited! This is a book with a message that I believe is essential for every mom to understand. I’m jumping up and down over here! And I hope you’ll join me in the excitement and in getting the word out there.

If you’d like to pick up a copy it should be on the shelf at your local bookstore and if it’s not—ask them to carry it! It can also be ordered on (if you click on the link on the Hearts at Home website, Hearts at Home will receive a small donation—every little bit helps!) Or you can order it directly from Hearts at Home here.

There are two questions I’m often asked about writing a book:

1) How long does it take to write a book? Every writer is different but it’s usually around 9 months. It’s just like a pregnancy! And today is delivery day and I feel like I’ve given birth!

2) How do you write a book with five kids? I didn’t write my first book until my youngest was in school. I could have never done it when the kids were little! I do alot of my writing during the day while the kids are in school, and I try not to write while they are home in the summer.

By the way, today is my mom and dad’s 48th anniversary. I think it’s fair to say that much of what I write about can be traced back to the foundation of faith and love my parents gave me. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

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