Stuck in a Relationship Rut and Worried That You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling?

Now You Can

Create Wildly
Engaged Connection

using a unique “Playbook” that gives you the Play-by-Play to Reignite Your Relationship even if you feel like all hope is lost or you simply think “this should be better.”

If you are committed to going the distance
in your marriage, read this page…

We know what some of you may be thinking:

Mark Says

“We’ve tried everything and nothing worked. It’s hopeless.”

“Everything is fine. Life is just busy but it works. Why create a problem where there isn’t one?”

Jill Says

We get it. Marriage is hard.

You thought it would be easy but the stumbles and fumbles have worn you out…

You’re Left Wondering… Is This It?

You thought it would be easy but the stumbles and fumbles have worn you out…

You feel like you’ve grown apart. You’re now more like roommates than life partners.

You thought you’d be more alike but now that you’ve been together for so long, you realize just how different you actually are.

You’re busy – between working, raising a family, and daily living you have no time or energy left for anything else.

You’ve avoided talking for so long now you’re uncomfortable and don’t know where to start to get your relationship back on track.

Every time you try to talk, you just end up arguing about the same issues over and over again.

You don’t make any progress so you just sweep your feelings under the rug and pretend they don’t exist while resentment sets in.

There’s no sex, no intimacy, and no connection left. It’s hopeless – you can’t get those lovin’ feelings back.

We understand. We’ve been there.

We thought we did everything right.


Read books.

Scheduled regular date nights.

Learned each other’s love languages.

Took private vacations together.

But yet our marriage fell apart.

We did everything the experts recommend but we still dropped the ball.

Our hearts were miles apart.

A separateness crept into our relationship which led to infidelity, a four-month separation, and one very dark year.

As we put the broken pieces of our relationship back together, we knew we had to do something different.

We began to have different kinds of conversations. We dug deeper, listened better, and learned more about fine-tuning the inside rather than symptom-treating the outside of our relationship.

We also became life-long learners, committed to pursuing continuing education for our marriage.

And our relationship flourished again.

Then people started asking us how they could experience the same thing. They emailed, messaged, commented, and stopped us in the grocery store.

We wanted to help but considering 50% of couples who go to marriage counseling, still get divorced – we knew we had to start with some quick wins that would get them over the goal line FAST.

So, to cut through the stress and overwhelm, we created a reigniting system that is time-sensitive, practical and fun.

And it was amazing to see how quickly other couples started to reconnect.

Imagine a thriving marriage with

  • Better communication
  • Deeper intimacy
  • Strengthened commitment
  • Feeling like you’re on the same team


  • Boredom in the bedroom
  • Lack of conversations
  • Resentment
  • Criticism and blame

Our playbook strategies did that for us and now we want to give that to you.

When we got to the other side of our dark season,

we determined we would do everything we could to help couples have the marriage they long for.

And now we’re excited to help you…


Bring Back that Lovin’ Feeling with..

the powerful Marriage Planning Guide for couples looking to connect about more than just directions, dirt, and dinner

If you need more from your life partner than just a roommate, the No More Perfect Marriages Playbook will help you reignite that lovin’ feeling!

Perfect For Couples in All Seasons of Marriage

Soon to Be Married Newlyweds

Empty Nesters

With Kids or Without Kids

A Few Years Married

Married for Decades

And Even Couples Contemplating Divorce

Consider this simple playbook your secret map to the hidden treasures waiting to be discovered inside your marriage…

Identify the actions outside your bedroom that affect the intimacy inside your bedroom so you can reignite your forgotten passion

Dig out of your relationship rut and rediscover your partner’s delightful details so you continue to fall in love over and over

Feel like you’re dating again by designing dates that spark your excitement and create memories that last a lifetime

Chart your course by building a bucket list so you have an exciting future

Revive your relationship with powerful prayer ideas that will ensure you and your spouse feel fully supported & not alone

Unite as the life-partners you planned to be and not as the roommates you’ve become

Design your talks intentionally and banish dysfunctional communication for good so you feel hope in your relationship again even if you only have 5 minutes a day

Identify your differences and embrace them as God-given gifts so you can rediscover what made your partner special and rid yourself of resentment

Eliminate the discomfort of not knowing where to begin, with dynamic dialogues that will get your communication train back on track even if you’re struggling with what to say now

Revitalize your relationship (even if you’ve tried a revival in the past and failed) and relax in the security that you found the gateway to the No More Perfect marriage – marriage that’s not perfect but is being perfected everyday!

We love the marriage playbook! We use it when we do our weekly check-in at home. We take it on road trips so we can deepen conversation with the conversation prompts. We use the treasure hunt section to be reminded how we both are wired and how to respond well to each other.

Talor and Tim

What’s Inside The

Play #1: This Is Us Dating
Design-A-Date Directory

Be reminded why you fell in love and reignite your passion, just like when you first started dating. Whether you stay in or go out, these Date Night ideas are perfect for rekindling romance (your friends will ask what you’re doing differently!)

Tap into fresh ideas that go beyond dinner and a movie

Surprise & delight with Done-For-Your Date Night Ideas that create memories to last a lifetime



We’ve designed your dates for you saving you at least 5 hours per month of planning.

Play #2: This Is Us Exploring
Delightful Details Treasure Hunt

Even if you think you know everything there is to know about your spouse, this delightful treasure hunt will help you uncover charming details you either didn’t know or may have forgotten. Use these to create little surprises for your spouse that bring joy to your day-to-day.

Discover a treasure trove of delightful details about your spouse (some that you never even thought to uncover) so you know them better than your best friend

Use these details to surprise and delight your partner so romance sparks instead of fizzles



You’ll save at least 20 hours per month of costly missed communication and misunderstanding.

Play #3: This Is Us Talking
Communication Counts Collection

If you’re needing a conversation that goes beyond directions, dirt, & diapers, this play is for you! The Communication Counts Collection helps you initiate effortless and flexible conversations that will build a stronger, more intimate bond, even if you’re short on time.

Discover simple ideas for communication that fosters trust and connection

We’ll even provide you a collection of topics to make it easy for you to start conversations that matter, even if you’ve been “trivial talking” for years



Invest in yourself with 15 minutes per day of deep conversation giving you back 4-6 hours per month of connecting conversation

Play #4: This Is Us Planning
Vision Venture

Stay ahead of the game with the play that pushes you to journey through life together with purpose as you identify what you truly want (both individually and as a couple). During this venture, you’ll:

Come away with dreams and goals you can work towards together, giving you shared vision and forward momentum as a team

Plan to turn those dreams and goals into reality so your marriage “team” crosses the goal line, gets big wins and keeps on playing



Give your relationship the gift of bringing your shared visions into your real life. You’ll actually be making the memories and bringing to life the things you’ve been talking about for years.

Play #5: This Is Us Managing Money
Money Mentor

Enjoy a marriage free of money conflicts with improved communication and planning with the Money Mentor Tracker and template. Money matters are one of the more difficult topics you’ll face in your marriage but with this play, you’ll stay in bounds and on track. The Money Mentor Play helps you:

Tackle the money talk so you score touchdowns with your finances

Get to the end zone with a financially secure future



Save over 10 hours per month because you’re not fighting over money

Play #6: This Is Us Praying
Power in Prayer Practice

“The couple that prays together stays together”. Strengthen your marriage and increase intimacy while understanding your spouse’s needs and struggles. The Power in Prayer Practice workbook and calendar allows you to plan, track and deliver special requests and acknowledge when they’ve been received.

Create a true connection with prayer requests that allow you both to feel fully supported & not alone

Revive your relationship with powerful prayers we’ve supplied for you that will keep your marriage God-centered



Committing 15 mins per day praying with and for each other to bring God more into your relationship.

Play #7: This Is Us Working Through Conflict
Conflict Concierge

With this play, you won’t have to sit on the bench or get thrown out of the game when conflict comes into your marriage (and it will). Inside Conflict Concierge, you’ll learn to recognize and understand each other’s differences, embrace them as God-given gifts and rid yourself of resentment. Easily resolve conflicts, strengthen your marriage and know you have someone in your corner.

Learn what you and your spouse need during conflict resolution so you stop hurting and start healing

Recognize how you can meet your spouse’s needs, brainstorm solutions, and build a stronger marriage



Avoid the emotional cost of living with the cold shoulder while walking on eggshells. Feel completely at ease in your own home 24 hours per day.

Bonus Play #1:
This Is Us Flirting

Flirt Alert

It’s time to put the fun back in your marriage!! We’ve put together 60 days of romance reminders designed to help you send positive, flirty messages to your spouse.

Choose one message a day to text, email, or write somewhere for them to find! Reuse them over and over. Experiment and connect with your partner with this fun resource.



Bonus Play #2:
This Is Us Learning

NMPM Playbook Video Walkthrough Training

In this video training bonus, we’re holding your hand and walking you through exactly how to put the No More Perfect Marriages Playbook to work for you in simple but effective ways.

We’ll discuss best practices, our recommended time commitment, how to find and prioritize time for the plays and much more.



Bonus Play #3:
This Is Us Romancing

Redefining Romance

Rediscover the laughter and fun that keeps the fire lit in your relationship. This video will help you redefine romance in your marriage. (PLUS we’re giving you the audio file so you can listen in the car with your spouse.)

You’ll increase intimacy both inside and outside the bedroom, stop the unhealthy cycles that rob your marriage of joy and put powerful strategies in place to strengthen your commitment.



A real marriage isn’t perfect. A real marriage is two people being perfected.

Mark and Jill Savage

The Playbook Pledge

We know you can bring back that lovin’ feeling with
The No More Perfect Marriages Playbook

But if you’re not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, the checklists, the templates or the video training after 30 days, we will offer you a full refund for any reason.

Make your RISK-FREE payment today. Then take the full 30 days to explore the materials and put the playbook to work for you. Dive into the planners, the training, the fill-in-the-blank templates, and the checklists.

Afterwards, if you’re not 100% satisfied, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll send you a full refund.

Love is patient. Love is kind. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves. Love never fails.

– 1 Corinthians 13:4

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is inside the NMPM Playbook?

Inside we’ve created done-for-you date night ideas, guides, templates, prayers ideas, talking points and calendars to help you reconnect and bring back that lovin’ feeling quickly while having some fun in the process.

As a bonus, we’ve also created a video walk-through training session that shows you exactly how to put the No More Perfect Marriages Playbook to work for you in simple but effective ways using our very own best practices.

Who is this for?

We built this playbook for couples who feel like they’re in a relationship rut OR for those who want to prevent falling into one. We want to help you reignite your connection & feel the way you felt when you first met.

My marriage is in great shape already. How will this help me?

We’re so thrilled to hear this! Most of us use calendars and planning tools to keep track of appointments, plan vacations, remember important dates, and to keep our life organized. The No More Perfect Marriages Playbook is designed to do that – but for your marriage – to ensure your marriage stays in the healthy state it’s in today.

My marriage is struggling right now. How will this help me?

We understand because we’ve been there. The No More Perfect Marriages Playbook was developed out of our own marriage pain, our healing work, and the hundreds of requests we receive for couples looking for help for their marriage. We’ve put this tool together to give you a starting point to get your marriage back on track.

I don’t have a lot of time to spare. How much time does this take?

We understand how busy life is. We also understand how important it is to focus on your relationship and have a little fun. We made this playbook so you can do the plays on the fly – in the car on a road trip – or turn them into an evening of fun and focus. You decide when, where and how much time to spend on the activities.

Is everything available immediately?

Yes! You get immediate access to everything!

After you purchase, you will receive two emails. One is your receipt and the other contains a (download link/info on how to access) your digital Playbook and all of the bonuses.

What is if it’s not what I expected? Is there a guarantee?

Yes, but we don’t think you’ll need it! However, if you’re not happy with your purchase, simply send us an email to [email protected] within 30 days of making your purchase to request a refund and we will take care of it.

Every Mark and Jill Savage resource I’ve tapped into has always more than met my needs. Everything they create is practical and top notch quality. Plus they’re honest and they develop resources out of their own marriage journey and hard lessons learned along the way. I can’t recommend them enough.

Married 15 years

  • Play #1: This Is Us Dating Design-A-Date Directory
  • Value: $95
  • Play #2: This Is Us Exploring Delightful Details Treasure Hunt
  • Value: $380
  • Play #3: This Is Us Talking Communication Counts Collection
  • Value: $143
  • Play #4: This Is Us Planning Vision Venture
  • Value: PRICELESS
  • Play #5: This Is Us Managing Money Money Mentor
  • Value: $190
  • Play #6: This Is Us Praying Power in Prayer Practice
  • Value: PRICELESS
  • Play #7: This Is Us Working Through Conflict Concierge
  • Value: PRICELESS
  • Bonus Play #1: This Is Us Flirting 60 Days of Flirt Alerts
  • Value: $38
  • Bonus Play #2: This Is Us Learning NMPM Playbook Video Training
  • Value: $250
  • Bonus Play #3: This Is Us Romancing Redefining Romance mp3
  • Value: $49



Here’s The Truth

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

This applies to your marriage too! You can continue down the same path you’ve been traveling and risk more stumbles and fumbles or you can choose a different path.

But we know that if you want something different, if you want to change the direction of your relationship, if you want to bring back that lovin’ feeling, you’ve got to do something different.

If all the No More Perfect Marriages Playbook did was help you resolve one issue, if it helped you find happiness in your relationship again, or if it brought back that lovin’ feeling…

Wouldn’t it be worth the $27 investment?

  • Play #1: This Is Us Dating Design-A-Date Directory
  • Value: $95
  • Play #2: This Is Us Exploring Delightful Details Treasure Hunt
  • Value: $380
  • Play #3: This Is Us Talking Communication Counts Collection
  • Value: $143
  • Play #4: This Is Us Planning Vision Venture
  • Value: PRICELESS
  • Play #5: This Is Us Managing Money Money Mentor
  • Value: $190
  • Play #6: This Is Us Praying Power in Prayer Practice
  • Value: PRICELESS
  • Play #7: This Is Us Working Through Conflict Concierge
  • Value: PRICELESS
  • Bonus Play #1: This Is Us Flirting 60 Days of Flirt Alerts
  • Value: $38
  • Bonus Play #2: This Is Us Learning NMPM Playbook Video Training
  • Value: $250
  • Bonus Play #3: This Is Us Romancing Redefining Romance mp3
  • Value: $49



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