I recently ran into a friend who has two little ones.  She was trying to potty train child number one and was finding herself very frustrated.

I remember trying to potty train child number one at the age of 2 (child number two came along when she was 27 months old and I didn’t want two in diapers!)  She didn’t do well at all with the whole potty training thing. I worked for weeks with her and I was soooooo stressed.

I tried again at 2 years, 4 months. Still no success. Then 2 years 6 months. Nope.  Then 2 year 8 months…still no good.  It wasn’t until she was nearly 3 that she finally got it!

What I learned in that experience was that when your child is ready to potty train, it won’t take much effort.  Give it 2-3 days and if they are not catching on (and I’m not talking about you catching them at the right times!) then let it go.  Don’t add that to your stress pile…you already have enough stress with one or more little ones!

I found this to be hard-earned wisdom that worked every single time as I potty-trained 3 more little ones over the years.

If you’ve successfully potty-trained, what other wisdom would you share with a mom doing it for the first time?

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