A year ago I spoke for a church retreat. The retreat planners gave me a beautiful gift basket of goodies. Inside the gift basket was one of the most unique gifts. It was a gift certificate for a free rental of a hot tub for one week! I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t even know you could rent a hot tub!

I recently ran across the gift certificate and decided to give them a call and arrange for our week. They delivered it on Sept 21 and they have yet to pick it up! I guess there’s no great demand for their rental tub so they must be storing it at our house! But hey, I’m not complaining!

Mark and I have used the hot tub every single night that we’ve had it. It’s been like a balm to my body that often hurts so much from fibromyalgia. We’ve loved being able to sit outside looking at the stars during cooler weather when we normally wouldn’t be able to be outside.

But most of all…we’ve loved the conversation time.

Our hot tub time has been talk time for Mark and I. It’s allowed us time away from kids, computers, and television to debrief from our day, talk about life and ministry, share our thoughts and struggles, and then take a few minutes to talk to God together.

Whenever they decide to pick up this hot tub we’ll have to find another conversation place. But until then, we’re going to enjoy the stars and our nightly conversation date every night we can!

Every couple needs some talk time everyday. What works for you and your spouse?

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