It only took ten months, but we finally finished!  Bless Mark’s heart, he would do remodels all day for his Sawhorse Homes business and come home to do our remodel on nights and weekends. It was a labor of love for all of us, but particularly challenging for Mark.

It all started when one of the big box stores that Mark installs counter tops for made a customer’s kitchen countertops wrong…three times!  When Mark expressed frustration to the store about his lost time and wages dealing with these installations, they told him he could keep the countertops that were made incorrectly.

The kids had been complaining about how outdated the green gingham wallpaper was for years. I’m a function gal, though. Outdated doesn’t bother me. If it doesn’t function well…that’s another thing. With countertops being one of the most expensive parts of a kitchen makeover and we now had them for free (yes, Mark had to cut them and “make” them fit our kitchen), we decided to take the plunge and re-do the kitchen as well as the bathroom off the kitchen.

So the decision-making began. Colors, what to do with the cabinets (we painted them), peeling wallpaper, new ceiling, bathroom vanity, sooooooo many decisions. I’m not creative, but I can “borrow” ideas like the best of them! You can bet I was spending quite a bit of time on Pinterest!

In the end we tore out a wall and opened up the staircase, opened up a pass through into the office to let more light in, replaced our kitchen island (with a cabinet a friend found on the side of the road!), turned an antique sewing machine we already had into our bathroom vanity (thank you, Pinterest!), painted walls, and replaced the ceiling (with styrofoam tiles that we LOVE!)

Here are our before and after pics:

img_1964 img_1963 img_1960 img_1961 img_1962 img_1965

Our bathroom vanity was a repurposed antique singer sewing machine!

Our bathroom vanity is a repurposed antique singer sewing machine!

We opened up the wall to let more light in!

We opened up the wall to let more light in!


The styrofoam tiles were so easy to install!

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