When I was young, I remember a man we called “Shorty,” that lived with my grandparents.  After Shorty left, Mr. Lewis lived with them for a while. 

As I was entering my teen years, my dad’s uncle moved in with our family until his death several months later.  In high school we had a foreign exchange student for 9 months. 

That legacy of hospitality runs deep in my blood.  Years ago, Mark and I allowed a single mom and her daughter to live with us for about a month.  We’ve had our friends Irek and Daniel from Poland live with us for months at a time. Two years ago Evan’s friend Cory needed a place to stay for the summer. 

This past Saturday Emilie (left) moved in.  Emilie and our daughter Anne (right) were college friends at Taylor University.  They maintained their friendship when they both transferred to Illinois State University.  Emilie just finished a 2-year stint with the Peace Corps in Lesotho, Africa.  She asked us if she could come live with us for a few months until she acclimates back to the states and transitions into the next season of life. 

Personally, I love the revolving door we have.  Sometimes, we’ve had to double bunk kids to make it happen.  These days we have an extra bedroom that we make available to God anyway He wants to use it. Right now, it’s Emilie’s.

Do you have any experience with revolving doors of hospitality?  Positive or negative experiences?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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