95615640Well I’m three weeks out from my lumpectomy and sentinel node removal. The good news is that there was no cancer in my lymph nodes!  This is the value of catching this early while the cancer is still localized. If you’re 40 or over, schedule your mammogram now if it’s not already on your calendar! And no matter your age, do those monthly self breast exams, girls!  This is important!

Surgery was just phase 1 of my 3 phase journey. Phase 2 is chemo and that starts next Thursday, January 16.  If I had hormone fed cancer (like 80% of breast cancers are) I would not have to do chemo because we caught it early. However, I have what’s known as Triple Negative Cancer which is only found in 20% of breast cancer cases. Triple Negative Cancer only responds to chemotherapy in an effort to reduce recurrence rates.

If you’re into all the details and you’d like to know how to pray for me and my family, please hop over onto my Caring Bridge site where I’m posting all of that info.

Today I’d like to answer some questions that have been coming my way over the past few weeks:



1) Will you be at the 2014 Hearts at Home conferences?  The answer is YES! I will be there–hair or no hair…even if I have to take a nap sometime during the day! I’m presenting two workshops: No More Perfect Kids and My Heart’s at Home.

Registration is now open for the National Conference March 14-15, 2014 in Bloomington, IL.  We have so many neat things planned for this conference–you don’t want to miss it! (If you live too far away to attend the conference, check out the Conference To-Go option!)

2) Are you still speaking?  The answer is YES!  I’m still speaking at community events, churches, moms groups, parenting conferences, ministry conferences, and women’s retreats and events.  While I’m not adding any additional events this spring, if your group is planning an event anytime after June 1 that you’d like me to be a part of, you can get more info by submitting a speaking inquiry on my website! I’d love to share with your group!  (You can find some of my more popular speaking video clips online.)

3) How are you feeling?  In general, I’m still a little sore from surgery. My recovery was slowed from a respiratory infection I managed to get about a week after surgery.  I started walking on the treadmill last week just to increase my stamina and it feels good to be “active” again, although I don’t yet my full stamina yet. I still can’t lift anything more than 2 lbs on my surgical arm and I have strict orders from the doctor not to vacuum! Now that’s a prescription I can get into!

I plan to spend at least one hour during each of my chemo treatments praying for your needs.  I’m making my list for the treatment on the 16th. So I’d love to know…how can I pray for you? 

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