Connecting with God Everyday with Wendy Pope | Episode 82

In this episode, I am talking with Wendy Pope, author and a speaker as well as the founder of Word Up Ministries. Through her ministry, she invites women to live experientially with Jesus to rediscover His beautiful character. We are exploring how to see God at work in our lives, and how we can connect with Him in the daily and mundane.

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It’s a Christmas Special! (Traditions, Memories, & the Christmas Story) | Episode 73

In this Christmas episode, Mark and I are reflecting on some of our favorite Christmas memories, traditions, food, music, and more! You’ll find that it’s filled with laughs as we look back on some of our favorite memories and share about how we’ve shifted some of our favorite traditions as we’ve become empty-nesters. And to close, we’re reading the most important story that truly is the reason for the season!

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