10 Marriage Myths You Need to Stop Believing Today


Most of us have no idea how often we tell ourselves lies. It’s a crazy thought…but it’s true. Our self-talk forms the foundation of our attitudes and beliefs. Over time, our attitudes and beliefs drive our actions and behavior.

We do this at work, in friendships, in family relationships, and in marriage. One of the best ways we can battle the lies is to identify them and replace them with truth. This is something we’ve had to do in our marriage and we want to help you do the same!



The 10 Marriage Myths You Need to Stop Believing Today online class will help you:

  • Discover the thought processes that are pulling you away from each other without even knowing it.
  • Decrease discontentment that causes you to “lose that lovin’ feeling.”
  • Learn how to “push your thoughts” in a healthy direction.
  • Identify ways your past is affecting your present.
  • Recognize the lies that are keeping your marriage from being the best it can be.

Ready to take a positive step in helping your marriage go the distance? Take the 10 Marriage Myths You Need to Stop Believing Today class to get headed in the right direction!


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