Just Breathe Online Conference


This is a recording of the LIVE Just Breathe online conference.

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Are you juggling life and could use some support? Do you need a place to rest without feeling like you’re getting behind? Do you just need a few minutes to get real?

While you figure out how to save money this holiday season, let us help you save your sanity.


During Just Breathe you’ll hear real talk from real women about real life challenges. We’ll talk about how to:

Set boundaries to help you manage family drama during the holidays

Take care of yourself when time is short and demands are high

Build support systems to help you navigate changes in life

Create realistic expectations so you can enjoy your holiday season to the fullest

Decorate, cook, and look your best for the holidays 

As the holiday rush revs up, you handle your shopping list and let us help you handle everything else.

So what are you waiting for?

Push the pause button… and just breathe.


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