Marriage Planner (PDF)


Most of us use calendars or some planning tool to keep track of appointments, plan vacations, remember important dates, and just to keep our life organized in some way. Our calendar is like a home base for our family. So what’s home base for our marriage? Most of us don’t have anything! Our This is Us Marriage Team Planner is designed to do just that!

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Just print it out, 3-hole-punch it, and assemble it in a three-ring binder. Here is what you’ll find in your digital planner:

This Is Us – It’s a perfect place to keep track of your differences, your favorites, and even your clothing sizes. Once it’s filled out, you can easily refer to it in your binder or snap a picture of it to refer to it on your phone!

This Is Us Having Fun – We provide you ten Design-A-Dates from our No More Perfect Date Night library of over 30 dates!

This Is Us Talking – We’ve got conversation starters–45 of them to be exact–to get you talking deeper and more often!

This Is Us Looking Ahead – If you shoot for nothing, you’ll hit it every time! Too often we don’t take time to plan together so we’ve given you a place to keep track of your bucket list(s), anniversary plans, dreams about the future, goals for the year, and more!  There’s also a sheet to keep track of birthdays for anyone who’s important to you.

This Is Us Learning Together – This is a section to keep track of notes you take during a LIVE webinar, or when you hear a good sermon on marriage, or listen to a podcast. You may want to add extra blank paper to this section to have ready for something you learn or want to remember!

This Is Us Praying Together – What a perfect place to keep track of your spouse’s prayer requests, plus we provide two guides for you called “30 Ways to Pray for Your Wife” and “30 Ways to Pray for Your Husband!”

This Is Us Working Through Conflict – Tips for conflict resolution, a few pros and cons sheets, plus a place to keep notes about what you each need when you’re working through conflict make up this important section!

This Is Us Managing Money – We both need to know what debt we have, what savings we have, and our monthly outgo. We also need a place to keep track of passwords for banking, insurance, and other online business accounts. This is a great place to make sure you’re both in the know on the business side of your family!

Marriage Bingo Cards – Sometimes we need a fun way to spur us on to invest in our marriage! Two different Marriage Bingo cards can help you do that! We encourage you to come up with a “prize” that the two of you will enjoy when you make a bingo and something a little more special when you fill out the whole card!


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