Your Next Steps E-Book (PDF)


NOTE: This is a PDF version. Other versions: Kindle or Print

After answering hundreds of emails and Facebook messages from brokenhearted men and women whose spouse have betrayed them, Jill Savage put together this short, easy-to-read twenty-page e-book that will give you the wisdom and encouragement you need to find your footing in the chaotic mess you’ve found yourself in.



Your Next Steps will help you:

  • Find a peace even in the middle of the mess.
  • Understand what forgiveness is and isn’t.
  • Reframe your pain in a way that helps you move forward.
  • See your spouse in a way that allows healing to happen.
  • Understand you’re not alone.

It’s a little, but power-packed e-book that provides the hope and help you desperately need.


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